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MEXT Scholarship Guide Package to Success 2021

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The Monbukagskusho Scholarship (also known as Monbusho Scholarship, MEXT Scholarship or Japanese Government Scholarship) is the dream of thousands of students worldwide. Established in 1954 and offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), it is a scholarship that covers full tuition and very generous monthly stipend for accepted students to attend internationally respected universities in Japan, pursue their academic interests, and receive degrees and qualifications in their respective studies. To date, more than 75,000 students from approximately 160 countries have received this prestigious scholarship and studied at top universities in Japan.



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Get ready for Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2020-2021Monbukagakusho 2020-2021

What you will find in the package:

–Research proposal plan: how to put it together, a REAL example that won the scholarship
–Exams: how to prepare & 10 years of previous MEXT exams
–Interview: what questions they ask, what to expect
–Choosing your field of study, finding a university and a supervisor
– Gather and fill out your application documents
–Extend your scholarship from research to master and Ph.D. (doctor)
–Avoid common mistakes other students made in the past
–Prepare your leave for Japan

 Reasons to Study in Japan

Japan Facts and Figures

Feedback from International Students in Japan

Interview - Why I Chose to Study in Japan

Campus Diary (1)

Planning Your Studies in Japan


Japanese Educational System

Universities (Undergraduate) and Junior Colleges

Graduate Schools

Degree Programs in English

Short-term Study Programs and University Transfer Program

Colleges of Technology

Professional Training Colleges (specialized training colleges postsecondary course)

Japanese Language Institutes 

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

Other Exams Used for Studying in Japan

Campus Diary 

Immigration Procedures

Calculating the Costs of Studying in Japan

Living Cost and Price

Academic Fees


Part-time Work


Medical Insurance, Accident/Property Insurance and Kyosai


Employment in Japan


Q&A about Study in Japan / Study in Japan Global Network Project

Useful Information

– And a whole lot more!

the download pack info:

70 MB compressed document (zip) which includes:
–eBOOK: MEXT Scholarship Graduate Students (Research, Master, Ph.D.) 2019-2020; PDF format (110 pages, fully updated in Dec. 2018)
–Free bonus: MEXT exams ~ 10 years of tests plus answer keys
— Free bonus: Official MEXT Research Scholarship application guideline & JASSO Study in Japan Guide

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