About Monbukagakusho application process

There are many scholarships for international students who wish to study in Japan, including applying before and after coming to Japan. MEXT scholarship is the most valuable and the most famous one because it covers tuition fees and gives you stipend monthly (around 110000 JPY - 150000 JPY depending on the level of study). There are many ways to get the MEXT scholarship, and for my case:

Type of MEXT: through university recommendation, apply before coming to Japan

Duration: full 2-year for master's program

Field of study: science and technology

From the beginning until now

Finding my scholarship

When you think about studying in Japan, what do you think first: finding a suitable school or a full-covered scholarship? If I applied for an undergraduate program or graduate program in business or social studies, I would consider about school first. However, my study is related to materials science that will shape my future career to be a researcher. Therefore, the most important to me is to find a good supervisor whose research topics I am interested in. I wanted to study further about semiconductors materials and its applications, and there are many choices for me not only Japan but also the USA, Korea...

By chance, when I was a 3rd-year undergraduate student in USA, I was introduced some Japanese professors whose research are about material sciences. At that time, these professors also had a business trip in USA to introduce their researches and their university. Therefore, I had a great opportunity to talk to them directly instead of exchanging conversation via email like other cases. With my great academic results and recommendation from my current school at that time, the Japanese professor was pleasant to accept me as his master's student. The first-half difficult step was done, then all I needed at that time was to get a full-paid scholarship. There were many offered scholarship, but my Japanese professor suggested me MEXT because it is valuable and the most popular.